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Electric Pickup

Needles for Electric Pickups

Needles for use in the early electric pick-ups were often coloured (brass or bronze)
or partly painted, usually red.

Polar Bear Brand - Long Playing Needles (plays 20x)

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Polar Bear Brand - Semi-permanent Needles (plays 20x)

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E.M.I. Trailer Needles - Specially designed for the playback of lacquer records.
The bend in the needles reduces wear on the lacquer surface.

HMV Silent Stylus (plays 100x)
“for use with HMV Hyper-Sensitive Pick-up”

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Columbia Chromium - Long Playing Needles. (plays 60x).

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Dog and Baby - Long Playing Needle (plays 20x)

Songster - Durable Pick-up Needle (plays 15x)

Songster Golden Pick-up Needles.
“Made specially for pick-up & cinema use