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Non Metalic

Non Metalic Needles

These needles were made of non metalic materials

Nightingale Thorn Needle
“Eliminates surface wear, no hiss or scratch”
Made out of some non-metallic, natural material, such as thorn. Probably for electric pick-ups.

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Fibes Re-pointable Long Playing
“For all types of pick-ups.”

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Burmese Colour Needle (green) Loud Tone
Instructions say “Plays up to 50 records. Rotate the needle 1/3 turn after a few records.
Use BCN Renovator to re-sharpen needle”

Burmese Colour Needle (red) Medium Tone
Instructions say “Made from chemically purified Keratin.
Is homogeneous with record - therefore cannot damage record”

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Columbia Miniature Thorn Needle
“For use in light weight pick-ups” (electric)
“Re-sharpened after 10 playings.”

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HMV Fibre Needle. Triangular shape. Must be Resharpened after each record. Probably made from bamboo.

Fibre Needle with round section for use in early soundboxes.