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Special Shapes

Special Shaped Needles

These needles all had special shapes

Herald Spear Point
Believed to be for a range of loudness. Soft tone if the flat section was parallel to the groove. Loud tone if the flat section was perpendicular to the groove.

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Imperial Needles - similar to above.

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HMV The Tungstyle Semi-permanent needle
Up to 250 playings. The tungsten stylus fits into the record groove and is not tapered.
Tungsten is very hard and therefore will play many records. This needle is Soft Tone due to its narrow waist

Unknown - very soft tone due to its small diameter. The wire winding is to provide grip in soundbox.

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Unknown Loud Tone - Blue coated and grooved.

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Aguja “Aegir” “Aegir” brand needle. (Made in Germany)
“Insuperable en fuerza productora del tono, poco desgaste de los discos”
Unsurpassable in the loudness of tone produced, little wear of the record.
This needle is very short in order to increase the loudness. The flange helps to set at the correct position in the soundbox.

Ondulette Silber (Silver Wave)
“Die Tonveredelnde Wellen-Nadel. Extra Zart”
The tone improving wave needle. Extra delicate (soft) tone.
“Marschall-Nadeln spielen ausserst rein und schonen die Platten."
Marschall needles play with utmost clarity and preserve the record.
"Verwenden Sie also nur die echten
Therefore use only the genuine.