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Club Auctions
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Members Auction Rules
 (updated June 2021)


The maximum number of items that an individual Member can bring to
any Members Auction is (15) fifteen.

Every item put up for auction must have a label attached.

The label shall be large enough to include the following information:

Sellers Initials and Lot Number;

The Letter R and the reserve amount if there is a reserve price associated with the lot; and

Bidders/Buyers Number (added once the item is sold).

TC - 01

R - $---

# #

All lots must be listed on the Members Auction Form before the night of the Auction.

Click here to download the 15 June  2021 form


The filled in Auction Form must be given to the Treasurer no later than 7:45 PM on the night of the Auction including the Sellers fee of $2 per item listed for Auction.

The $2 per item Sellers fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

All lots offered for sale are sold in “as is” condition.

It is the responsibility of each Member to inspect the items before bidding.

There will be no returns or refunds on any item sold at the Members Auction.

Buyers must register for the Auction before the start of the Meeting
 by filling out the Bidders Form and  take the next number bidder’s card.
 PRINT your name against the card number on the sheet provided

All Bidder cards shall be returned at the end of the Auction.

All lots sold must be paid for in cash by the buyer on the night of the Auction

All unsold lots must be removed by the Seller at the end of the Auction.

Care is to be taken by all Buyers to ensure that they remove all items procured
Only take items that have their Bidders/Buyers number noted on the lable