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Club Auctions
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Club Members Only Auctions

Auction Rules

 1. All items for auction must be labelled with letters (e.g. seller’s initials) and a lot number - for example, TC1.

If possible this should be done prior to club auction night.

 2. All lots must be listed on a completed auction form.

Click here to download the form

 3. All lots offered for sale will be sold in “as is” condition.   It is the responsibility of members to inspect the items before bidding.   There are no returns or refunds on any item.

 4. All lots sold “on behalf” will incur a non refundable commission of 10%   This commission is payable to the club on the night of the auction.

 5. All lots sold will be paid for in cash or by cheque on the night of the auction.  NO CREDIT GIVEN.

 6. Donated lots that receives no bids may be added to another donated lot, or carried over to another club auction.

 7. All unsold lots must be removed by the vendor at the end of the auction.

 8. All sold lots must be removed by the purchaser at the end of the auction.

Please print as many forms as you need and fill
them out preferably BEFORE the auction night.

Click here to download the form

Please remember to attach your lot number(s) on your item(s).

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To assist with the efficient running of the club auctions, members are requested to do the following.

 A. Provide a list of items to be auctioned by filling in an auction form.

 B.  Place a small sticker on each of their own items with numbers that correspond to the item number on the auction form.

 C.  Hand the auction form to the Treasurer before the auction.


The list can be completed prior to the meeting by downloading and printing the form, completing it and bringing it along to the meeting.

Click here to download the form

Stickers and auction forms will be available at the meeting for those that do not come prepared. These can be completed during the first part of the meeting.

Each person's items should be placed together at the rear of the room so that (as far as possible) each person's items will be auctioned in one sequence.

It does not matter if they are out of order - it will easy for the treasurer to use the item number.




A copy of the form can be downloaded here