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Daily Phonograph

In the period 1923 to 1932 William Henry Daily of Chicago
applied and was granted four patents for automatic phonographs.

 They were in fact disc players which we would
 come to  know as gramophones.

best inside


     The follow up patents were developments of the first design.

 They all consisted of four turntables with a centrally mounted tonearm which rotated to play each record in turn.

The reproduction was acoustic with a regular soundbox, tonearm and horn, and the mechanism was powered by an electric motor.

They were intended for use in hotels and restaurants.

 From the number of survivors (only one known) it doesn’t  appear that they enjoyed very much success.


      A Club member has restored one of these machines and it can be seen working here.

102_3256 - Reduced
100_3026 - Reduced

If anyone can provide any  information on this machine,
the Club would be very grateful to receive it.

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